Northwest Area Foundation Spotlights Confluence, Worker Organizing

Northwest Area Foundation Spotlights Confluence, Worker Organizing

October 31st, 2023

“We have to ask ourselves, ‘How well are we taking care of workers? How well are we allowing for people to have basic needs met?’ Confluence and worker centers are asking these important questions; they’re pressing in on these issues.”

— Jen Racho
Program Officer, Northwest Area Foundation

Many thanks to the Northwest Area Foundation, a Workers Confluence funder, for commissioning this thoughtful and in-depth blog post about the Confluence approach!

Northwest Area Foundation funds work intended “to reimagine and restructure unjust systems…” and to “advance self-determination by building the power of people and communities to liberate themselves from policies, practices, and beliefs designed to disadvantage them.

While organizing to build collective power is fundamental to the labor movement’s theory of change, this approach is new to many in the world of philanthropy. This post is a helpful primer in understanding the challenges and opportunities present in union/worker center collaborations as well as how Workers Confluence is supporting and resourcing these groundbreaking partnerships. A follow-up piece highlighting one Confluence-supported partnership and its impact during the 2023 Minnesota legislative session will be published the coming weeks.

Minnesota’s Confluence Fund Supports Organizing by Workers Long Denied Just, Fair-Paying Employment: Part I –


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